What to look for while buying a handbag?

With the growing trend of online shopping nowadays, it often gets confusing what to buy and what not to buy. With so many brands out there offering so many irresistible designs and patterns it gets difficult to find something which is actually useful.

For example, while buying a handbag, we often forget the purpose of getting one and eventually end up buying something worthless. 

To prevent that I have listed the most important thing to keep in mind while getting yourself a handbag.


  • Material
  • Design
  • Security
  • Color
  • Space
  • Size


Material is the first thing I notice about a handbag. Your options in this regard are almost infinite. But it is your responsibility to choose the material that suits for purpose the best. Get a general overview of the materials used and making handbags and find the one suited for you . If the material of the handbag is not durable, then its of no use to me. The material should –


  • Be durable
  • Look good
  • Feel good
  • Be water resistant


Design of the handbag should be appealing. It should be suited for the occasion for which you are buying the handbag. Choosing the design for your handbag is totally up to you. Just remember to buy something you are comfortable with carrying. Get yourself a design of which you won’t get bored easily. Some of my favorite designs from various brands are-

These designs are really simple yet unique. Each one is made of high quality and material and is very durable. Click on the handbags to buy on amazon now.


You should always check the security of handbag before buying. All the compartments should have zip closure to make is anti-theft. You keep the most important stuff in your handbags , so it is very important to make your that your stuff doesn’t get stolen or just fall off from your handbag. Here I was able to fine find some really cool handbags with zip closure and awesome designs.


color of the handbag is very important as it is the major part of design. You should really like the color of the handbag you are going to buy, otherwise it will just sit in your cupboard forever. Also the color you are choosing shouldn’t be too funky (except offcourse when you want something funky), otherwise you won’t be able to carry it with most of the outfits. Basically the handbag you are choosing must be the one you are comfortable in carrying all day all around.


I cant really tell you what should be the ideal space for handbag as it completely depends on the purpose you are getting it for. Also the space of the handbag depends on its type. If its a wallet, you should be able to put all your cards and some money. That’s it because thats what wallets are for. So you should first analyse your purpose and then see if the handbag fulfills it.  


The most common question that hits the mind while getting a handbag is, “what size of handbag should I carry?” 

No one can give you the exact answer as it depends on your body type and structure. If you want to look bigger, carry a small handbag and if you want to look smaller, carry a big handbag. A more detailed version of what size is best suited for you.