Types of handbags everyone should have!

Shoulder bag

Shoulder bags are most basic and a must have. We always have a room for a new handbag. Moreover every brand has their own unique designs of shoulder bags which makes it even more difficult to resist. They are super spacious and can fit all your necessities. We anyway carry a lot with us, why not do it in style! 


Lets admit it- we all have faced the problem when we have to carry a laptop but don’t want to carry an extra bag with it. Here is the solution. Satchels can fit in your laptop plus your daily necessities. Additionally they don’t look like laptop bags. They are super stylish and fit the need just right.
Perfect for – Working ladies, college girls.

Sling bags

Sling bags are those long strap bags that come in many varieties. They are meant to be worn diagonally or cross bodied. Their is no fixed size and it depends on the design. You can find the right size for yourself according to your need. Slings are very usefull while shopping as it doesn’t engage your hand and leaves both of your hands to carry shopping bags.

Beach bags

As its is clear by the name, beach bags are super comfortable and spacious as they are meant to carry beach stuff (which is a lot!). You can put your clothes, towel and other essentials without any worry. They are very easy to carry.


Perfectly suited for the clubbing nights when we don’t want to carry a huge bag but also can’t t leave our stuff behind. Also those perfect date nights where you wanna look good but also not too much, clutches are perfect. They come in various designs and patterns to choose from.


Wallets are a must have for everyone. We always have credit/debit cards, membership cards, metro cards with us which we cant afford to loose. Wallets keep your stuff organised. You can carry them when you go to market for some light shopping and just need some cash cards or maybe keys.