Top 10 Outfits for Indian Summers

Breezy dresses:

When the humidity strikes and you still want to look cute, flowy dresses are the way to go. Easy to dress up or down, versatile and classic, these are a perfect choice for the hotter months. Coupled with a cane bag or any tan colored bag along with layered necklaces makes this a 2019 appropriate outfit.


Some of our favorite dresses:

Cane bag:

T-shirt dresses:

For a formal occasion or a smart look, t shirt dresses are the perfect choice. In 1 step, your entire outfit is put together, pair with chunky sneakers or high tops for a chic look.


Some of our favorite t-shirt dresses:

The top 10 brand of handbags and our favorite from each one.

Women’s white running shoes:

Loose Pants

These have left the territory of obsolete and made it into the high fashion lane. Paired with a crop top or a shirt with lace detailing, these will keep you cool while making you look like a trendy businesswoman. The shoe options with this one are diverse; you can pair them with pointed toe flats, strappy sandals or heels for a formal effect. Check out the video for more summer inspired outfit ideas.


Flared Jeans

To make you average denim look more summer-ready and on trend, try wearing dark jeans with a flared hem, coupled with a body-con, lacy or ruffled top for an effortless, 70s look.


Textured Shorts

To dress up the boring frayed shorts look, try wearing corduroy shorts for a vintage inspired, dynamic look. Best paired with a tank top and mules.


Pencil skirts

Dress up a boring skirt-top look with a gingham or checked pencil skirt. Pair it with a tee for a casual silhouette or a blouse for a work day.


Floral Dresses

Take the average summer floral dress a notch higher by getting it in a darker shade for the chic ‘dark floral’ trend or pair it with combat boots to create a juxtaposed look.


Graphic tees

For a day where you can’t be bothered to put on a cute, girly outfit but still want to look good, take a classic graphic tee and wear it with comfy boyfriend jeans. A bold print on a white tee looks classy and cute at the same time.


Baseball Tees

For a stay at home, Netflix day, try cotton baseball tees that are comfy as hell, yet give your upper body a great shape. Pair with pajama shorts or sweatpants and roll the movies with a friend.



To make your average crop top look more wearable outside, try pairing your outfit with a sophisticated silk or floral kimono which will bring your outfit together and make it metro/public-safe at the same time because women still are objectified in India. 


Hope y’all found inspiration from this post. Tag us on instagram if you put together an outfit based on this precise, lucid guide. Cheers.