Top 10 color combinations and styling inspiration.

Mustard yellow and denim blue:

This combination has a pretty chill vibe to it. A plain mustard yellow t-shirt can be worn over a over loose blue pair of denim for a casual day look.

Pink and white

This is a very cute and ‘girly’ combination. White simply goes with every shade of pink. Pick a simple white tank tank top, pair it with any shade of pink shorts/skirt of your choice and you are ready to rock!

Orange and white

This look is casually formal. The colors add a light- hearted cheer to your look. Pair a plain white shirt with pants/pencil skirt and add a orange blazer to complete the look. Accessorize with earrings and a watch and you are good to go.

Red grey and white

This combination is pretty, subtle and it can not go wrong. For winters, wear a woolen, grey shrug over a plain white tee and add a red scarf for a color pop. In summers you can wear the colors in a different way. Wear a stripped red and white tee over white shirt, pair it with grey denims and you are ready for action.

Light pink and blue:

Light pink and denim blue is a combination made in heaven. The combinations make this look radiant and polished. You can opt for this look for a day out with your friends or those first dates where you don’t want to look too simple or too bold.

Pink, grey and Black

You can wear this outfit to work or a formal meeting. The colors are blend together well and it gives this look an appealing vibe. A simple grey top is worn over a textured pencil skirt and a pink overcoat completes the look.

Neon green and blue

If you are afraid to try this combination, you need to get out of your comfort zone. This combination is unique and edgy. Wear this on a day when you want to experiment and look different. Wear an oversized neon green sweatshirt over loose fitted denims. Add sunglasses to complete the look.

Prussian blue and white

This combination is both pretty and flossy. This comfortable look can be achieved by a white tank top and blue shorts. To complete the look add a choker, some rose gold necklaces, a watch and white shoes to go with the overall look.

Olive green, blue and black:

This color combination is my personal favorite. Olive green with Blue ragged denims and black jacket (leather or otherwise) looks just so classy. Add black boots and sunglasses to enhance this sassy look.

White and grey:

This combination might be simple but it looks great on a casual day out. A plain white top is paired with a bluish-grey denim which is both comfortable and engaging. The look can be completed with cowboy boots and hat to achieve a classic look.